Who Is Gordon?

Gordon Ruben Master Tailor Retail Expert

Gordon was a custom tailor based in Toronto, Canada. With his father, Louis, and his brother, Mike, Gordon consistently produced a remarkable product over a career that spanned decades.

Gordon was a tailor’s tailor – he could provide the vital statistics of each of his customers by sight, their preferences from memory, and the place of origin and even the individual mill of each of the bolts of fabric in his shop by touch alone.

Gordon had an intuitive sense of  what cuts would flatter your body type. He priced his product reasonably — some would say, too reasonably — yet low enough that he could stick to his guns if you wanted a suit that wasn’t going to fit you well, and would reflect poorly on the Ruben brand.

In addition to helping to create suits of an outstanding quality, he also created an outstanding in-store experience, and built deep relationships with customers that spanned generations. It wasn’t uncommon for Gordon to make clothes for the grandsons of men who were married in one of his suits.

Gordon was a man who understood the value of building deep relationships face-to-face. He is the inspiration for this news outlet