Episerver Idio Acquisition

Episerver Acquires Idio To Create One-to-one Digital Experiences

Episerver, a cloud-based technology provider for digital commerce, web content management, digital experience, and personalization, today announced that it has

pop-ups mohamed Haouache

Stable Strategies for Pop-ups in Retail:

Brick-and-mortar retail seems to be experiencing a revival, but even at its lowest point, key online brands – Amazon and

joey moore, episerver on smart mirrors

Reflections On Smart Mirrors In Retail With Episerver

We spoke to Joey Moore, Head of Evangelism for EMEA & APAC at Episerver, about the impact of AI-driven smart

will bodyscan save custom tailoring?

Alton Lane: Keeping Bespoke Alive By Killing Custom Tailors Using Bodyscan

In the first-ever episode of the Gordon Podcast, we speak to Colin Hunter, consulting refugee turned CEO/Founder of tech-driven custom

bodyscan retail invasion

Invasion of the Bodyscanners in Retail

In part 2 of our interview with Colin Hunter, CEO and co-founder of technology-driven custom tailor, Alton Lane, Colin discusses