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My name is David Zweifler, and I’m the founder and editor in chief of Gordon Magazine.

I started Gordon Magazine when retailers seemed single-minded in pursuing a bloodless strategy designed to make every sale simply a transaction, every product a commodity, and every customer a data-point.

I remembered a time when buying face-to-face was interesting, surprising, and fun. It seemed a shame to me that the industry was ignoring  the value of positive, face-to-face interactions in brick-and-mortar settings, even as they were trying to ape major etailers — a strategy that was failing in a big way.

Since then, there’s been a growing realization of the power of brick-and-mortar and its power to captivate and enthrall. Now, there’s a growing realization that  brick-and-mortar is a vital channel of its own, and a critical partner to online retailing.

As the industry has evolved, Gordon has evolved as well. Gordon now covers global retail, with a  strong foundation of analysis created by experienced, research partners. 

Despite this expanded scope, the editorial focus hasn’t strayed from its original mission, or the values of its namesake. Gordon still puts an emphasis on the ways that retailers can delight and surprise customers, online, but especially in face-to-face interactions.


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