Episerver Idio Acquisition

Episerver Acquires Idio To Create One-to-one Digital Experiences

Episerver, a cloud-based technology provider for digital commerce, web content management, digital experience, and personalization, today announced that it has

westleaf retail cannabis adam coates

Daily View: Westleaf Thrives Amidst Vaping Fears

This is the premiere episode of the Gordon Daily Retail View, which follows the people and companies making news, and

pop-ups mohamed Haouache thestorefront.com

Stable Strategies for Pop-ups in Retail: TheStorefront.com

Brick-and-mortar retail seems to be experiencing a revival, but even at its lowest point, key online brands – Amazon and

bob phibbs retail training, on store potential

Retail Training Prescriptions and Proscriptions: Retail Dr.

We spoke to Bob Phibbs, CEO of The Retail Doctor, a trainer, consultant, and motivational speaker in the brick-and-mortar retail

joey moore, episerver on smart mirrors

Reflections On Smart Mirrors In Retail With Episerver

We spoke to Joey Moore, Head of Evangelism for EMEA & APAC at Episerver, about the impact of AI-driven smart

Credit: Bruce Winder

Bruce Winder: Is There A Future for Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

We spoke to Bruce Winder, Co-founder and Partner at the Retail Advisors Network. Bruce saw it all in the retail


How Best Buy Learned To Love Amazon

In this episode of the Gordon Podcast, we speak to Bruce Winder, Co-founder and Partner at the Retail Advisors Network.

will bodyscan save custom tailoring?

Alton Lane: Keeping Bespoke Alive By Killing Custom Tailors Using Bodyscan

In the first-ever episode of the Gordon Podcast, we speak to Colin Hunter, consulting refugee turned CEO/Founder of tech-driven custom

bodyscan retail invasion

Invasion of the Bodyscanners in Retail

In part 2 of our interview with Colin Hunter, CEO and co-founder of technology-driven custom tailor, Alton Lane, Colin discusses


To Survive, Big Retailers Need To Think Small With Stores

As the head of both a public relations firm and a store, Denise Williamson understands the intersection between strong communications

Stories Building Stores

Denise Williamson: Building a Store with Stories

We had a chance to speak to Denise Williamson, Co-founder and CEO of 180 – The Store and Williamson PR,